Moving from Online to Live Play

After honing their games online for awhile, many players decide to take the next step and test their skills in a live poker room. For some, the transition comes easily but, for others, the differences between playing at a computer and at a live table can be difficult to overcome. For many online players, one […]

When in doubt, play your best game

If a player is unsure how they should be adjusting their poker strategies for tournament play, they should not make any changes at all, according to one expert. Chris Ferguson, a five-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner and the main event champion from 2000, suggested to Full Tilt Poker players that people still […]

How To Play Kalooki

Kalooki is a one of the popular Rummy variation that combines the Joker cards as well. This variation is very popular in UK and European countries. The Jokers improve the experience of the game and allow the players using the skills they purchase. In this game when player decide to meld his cards in the […]

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